Ecomanagement Technology

ECOMANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY (EcoMT) is a company that is focus on IoT solutions to measure energy consumption and general supplies, with the purpose of improving business efficiency through the high-level analysis of facilities, factories and processes.

EcoMT has developed a end-to-end IoT platform (Otea®) that can be connected to any machine, electrical system or supply, such as water, gas or fuel, and remotely control and manage its behaviour and consumption.

On the other hand, EcoMT has also developed Ithium®, with its energy app called Ithium 1000, a blockchain solution that allows energy certification without intermediaries, or energy certification from renewable sources.

It also allows to certify energy savings and helps banks to reduce risks when they finance ESCO’S (energy services companies) and projects based on savings. How? Through block networks with smart contracts and private-permissioned networks.

Our collaboration in the Project

As partners of the F-PI project, our work will be as technology consultants and software providers. We will put in place the technologies and the platforms needed to certify savings and energy metrics, and that facilitate information flow between the promoters and the investors / financiers.

To achieve this, we’ll implement our Ithium® platform in, at least, 10% of the projects, using blockchain-DLT technology, to certify the consumptions and the savings generated during the project.

And to monitor and analyse all the data collected for each of the variables selected by each promotor.

EcoMT Blockchain
EcoMT Blockchain