Deloitte Advisory S.L

Founded in 1845, Deloitte, Touche & Tohmatsu is a professional services worldwide leader firm.

Deloitte is focused on business excellence, training, the promotion and impulse of our human resources as well as on maintaining the prestige of our firm as the one that gives the best service to its clients.

Deloitte has more than 7,000 professionals in 150 countries focused on energy sector.

The firm is the worldwide leader in energy consulting sector.

The Spanish Consulting group E&U-TMT (Energy and Utilities-Telecommunications, Media and Technology) is composed of more than 300 professionals bringing a multidisciplinary approach, offering based on their deep knowledge of market solutions and their technical abilities and their commitment and dedication to meet the growing challenges.

Our collaboration in the Project

As F-PI Coordinator, will lead all the management and administrative activities to guarantee the achievement of the project targets within the budget and quality.

Deloitte will boost, along with the partners the search of projects due to its closeness to the business sector players.

Deloitte will be in charge of techno-economic analysis of the different promoter’s project and will provide support in the preparation of contractual procedure, collaborating in the definition of MoU and contract model between the funds and the customers.

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