Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Servicios Energéticos

ANESE, Spanish ESCOs Association, is an investment reference of energy savings and energy efficiency.

Indeed, it is a nonprofit business platform that aims to encourage and structure the Energy Services market.

ANESE’s mission is to boost the sustainable and energy services market including solutions, technologies and cutting-edge investments focused on facilitating the energy transition and mitigating the global climate change.

The Association aims is to cover the last mile of energy chain through a network of the best expert companies composed by our associates, upgrading and achieving more sustainable energy uses of final clients under the ESCO model.

Our collaboration in the Project

ANESE will leader the energy efficiency projects search and will facilitate the approach between promoters and investors thanks to the experience of the Association as the sector meeting point.

With more than 90 companies, ANESE knows the key factors to develop projects and will use their knowledge of the market to elaborate and create more suitable investment mechanisms to speed up the energy efficiency market.

In addition, ANESE will support developers in the preparation of standardized documentation. ANESE will also provide special services to developers in order to they develop correctly the projects, so investors may find the key information in a rigorous and concise way.

ANESE is also the entity in charge of leading communication and dissemination tasks of the F-PI project.

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